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The course consists of 24 classes realised as 90-minute sessions online twice a week. During the course we use authentic pilot-ATC communication recording, ATS recordings, and our own educational materials. What is even more important, we mainly focus on our students actively communicating in English during the classes.

We assume that Aviation English is not only about the successful passing of the exam and getting that operational level assigned but we mainly teach our students how to communicate smoothly using Aviation English. We want to make sure that the skills acquired in the course will come in handy whenever you need.

The course is aimed at pilots who want to thoroughly improve their English skills. It could also be helpful to those of you taking the ATPL exams that are conducted in English.

  • PART 1 - language requirements for pilots, available language proficiency exam systems, radio-phraseology basics  
  • PART 2 - standard ground communication, starting from arriving at the airport, through pre-flight preparation, briefing, handling, and taxi
  • PART 3 - standard in-flight communication, from takeoff and cruise to landing
  • PART 4 - abnormal and emergency situation communication.

now 369 EUR
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Admissions open until 27.03.2021

The course starts on 29.03.2021
6 weeks, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00PM, 90-minute sessions 

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