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If you’re a pilot license or an ultralight certificate holder but you’ve never flown outside of your home country this is the training for you! We depart on such flights from Poland and Spain (starting from mid-September 2021).

The training consists of a 2-hour pre-flight preparation and a practical cross-country flight, during which you’ll have a chance to communicate in English with all the air traffic control units in a controlled and safe environment, together with a qualified instructor and ICAO English examiner. In order to take part in the training you don’t need to have your English rating endorsed. That’s why this flight is a perfect opportunity to not only master your skills, but also to step out of your comfort zone by leaving your country’s airspace behind.  

The flight takes place on a Rallye 150, Piper Tomahawk or Viper SD4. If you do have your English rating issued you’ll log it as PIC.

There’s also an opportunity to perform the training on your aircraft or on your own route. We also fly in the fall and winter, in the COVID pandemic time, respecting all the current restrictions and health recommendations.

  • PRE-FLIGHT PREPARATION: a theory course at which you’ll learn how to properly prepare yourself for a flight abroad - how to get the charts, where to look for current information about the airports, weather, fuel availability, or how to file and close a flight plan abroad
  • BRIEFING - a pre-flight briefing consisting of flight preparation using foreign resources
  • THE FLIGHT - a cross-country flight with landings on both grass strips and controlled airports where you’ll have a chance to practice ATC radio communication
  • HANDLING - formalities at a foreign airport, English communication with handling agents, fees, and other tasks - this is also something we train at the course!


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