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Level 4/5/6...
...and more!

We will take your English to a higher level. Literaly! 

It doesn't matter what aircraft you fly and what stage of your flying career you are at - we have efficient solutions waiting for you.

Why choose

25 years

of teaching

stands for accumulated teaching experience of our Team, that consists of pilots-linguists, that are experienced with both flying and teaching English


pass rate

thanks to the pilot-friendly test system, as well as good prep materials we provide at, only 3 out of 100 test takers fail to score at least level 4

4700 people

tested across EASA

the ELPT testing system is accepted by all EASA member states CAAs and is very popular among pilots in Europe

  • STUDY WITH A TUTOR, NOT A COMPUTER - our course is based on the self-study modules that you can expand with exercises and conversations with a tutor, using our on-line tools. We will help you increase your fluency before taking the exam, practice picture description, tell you what to work on, and what to pay special attention to. And you will always pick the date yourself, so that we fit in your schedule. 
  • TAILOR-MADE SCHEDULE - you can go through the self-study modules at your own pace while the conversations and the test can be quickly booked using an online calendar which means you study when you are available and in the mood for it.
  • A FULLY REMOTE PROCESS - the ELPT test can be taken online, in the comfortable surrounding of your home, without wasting your time and money on commuting or waiting in lines. When requested, we offer the exams in a traditional offline face to face set up as well
  • THE CAA DOCUMENTS IN 5 DAYS - within no more than 5 business days after taking the test you will receive the certificate with a grade, a copy of which will be directly sent to your CAA. You just have to take care of the application to get the ICAO English rating in your license.    

Efficient solutions waiting for You

...that fit your skills - just like the test
licencja PPL, LAPL, UACP, czeski prukaz itp.
I fly for leisure and to have fun
safety first

- pass the test with ease
- learn how to communicate properly
- gain confidence
- improve your safety

Do you fly with PPL? You need to take the test.
Do you fly with a national ultralight licence? The test is not compulsory, but could be beneficial. 

licencja PPL, CPL z IR lub bez
I intend to fly commercially
we will support your goals

- gain better perspectives with higher level
- pass the test with ease
- take revalidation tests less often
- impress the recruiters

You may also wish to take a look at our complex airline recruitment tutoring sessions with airline pilots. 

licencja CPL, ATPL
I already fly commercially
take your career to a higher level

- easy test in a friendly atmosphere
- higher level grows your career 
- fast, convenient, available on-line
- with full support and prep training

Let us navigate your career to a higher level, that will land you a captain's seat or new contract with a better airline

Once you click the buttons above you will be redirected to our shop where you will find full selection of our courses and tests with detailed content descriptions for each package. 
Right after your purchase you may select and book you test or 1 on 1 class date, as well as access the self-study materials, so that you kick start your lessons whenever you like.

Fly with us!

And make sure you're able to communicate using appropriate English phraseology in real flight. Having our safety pilot on board will make you feel more confident and your first international flight will be a wonderful experience.

We fly on aircraft provided by our customers, as well as take you to the skies with our own fleet. We can assist you on longer trips if you like. Just pick your destination and let's fly!

Wanna buy a plane?

Thinking about buying your first aeroplane? Unsure where to begin and how to shop for the best deal? Need a hand to guide you step by step?
SMOH, CAMO, ELA1, TBO, STC... we work with all these on everyday basis and will happily help you to understand all the aviation nuances. We will assist you with choosing the best type, make and model, perform a pre-buy inspection, help you register the plane and bring it home. Eventually, we will also make sure that you're able to fly your new plane safely and with confidence.

What does the test look like?

The ELPT system is one of the most pilot-friendly tools for determining language proficiency. The test is done entirely remotely, so you can pass it without leaving your home. That's what saves your time and money. All you need is a microphone, a camera and a Google Chrome browser!

The test consists of two parts, which you complete one after the other. In the first one, the questions are pre-recorded by the lecturers (there are also ATIS-related exercises and a photo description), and in the second one you have a conversation in English for several minutes with an examiner leading the meeting. All together it takes about 45 minutes and the result is delivered to you and your local CAA in the next few days.

Use the button below to take a trial test without any obligation, which will assess your skill level and tell you which exam grade you are closest to. The test will open in a new window. Be advised this is not a mock exam, but a test that helps you evaluate your skills with the reference to ICAO rating scale. 

Adjusted to your license

You may rest assured that we will ask you only about the things that you deal with regularly in your aviation environment

Studio-quality recordings with European accents

No unclear, poor quality recordings nor surprising foreign accents that you have never heard before

Multiple listening allowed

There is no 'penalty points' for listening to the recordings more than once

Open questions and no time limit

You answer questions openly - you don't have to hit the key with your answer and guess what was on someone's mind; and there is no minimum answer time limit, so a short answer is also a good answer

Schedule that's adjusted to you

Test slots are available with us 5 days a week, including weekends, between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.; you have the option to choose your own date from the calendar

Pilot to pilot

the motto is not just a cliche to us!

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Joanna Jaworska
pilot F/O B737, tutor co-founder, a B737 first officer, American studies graduate.
At Asia is your language tutor and helps you prepare for airline recruitment.

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Łukasz Wieczorek
flight instructor, examiner

Creator and co-founder of Aviation English examiner, sworn translator with a degree in language studies. A flight instructor dedicated to general aviation in Europe and Africa. 

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Ally Galasi
CPL pilot, native speaker

Fully qualified commercial pilot. Emirates Aviation University graduate. At Ally helps you to gain confidence and fluency in speaking English.

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Cyprian Cyganek
pilot F/O B737, tutor

Commercial pilot and a first officer on a B737. At Cyprian is your language tutor and helps you prepare for airline recruitment.

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Alicja Szadkowska
tutor - linguist

Full time English teacher, who holds a degree in American studies. Fascinated by aviation and travels. At Alicja will guide you through basics of English grammar in the most friendly way possible.



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